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Men, Myths, Legends .....

Some people take on the status of “legend” when they defy things like death and survive experiences seem impossible to the rest of us. I remember being in the mountains of north-central Pennsylvania years ago and hearing the news of a small private airplane that had crashed into a mountain. In a remote part of the state; the rescue effort to get to the crash site was a monumental task, and in spite of all the odds, Don managed to survive. This past weekend I finally got the chance to meet this man; and even better yet, got a chance to fish with him. Our float trip started out as any cold day float does, but the weather turned quickly from cold into steady rain for the rest of the day that froze and coated everything with ice and put more than an inch of water in the drift boat. In spite of the really nasty weather and slow fishing, it was a really good day with two great people that none of us will forget anytime soon. True adventures only begin at the edge of our comfort zones and actually happen when we go beyond that. Till next week …..


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