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Paying the Dues ....

Hiking into headwater streams can be a combination of exploration, exhilaration and outright exhaustion in varying measure. I spent Independence Day feeling independent of a normal day of chasing a paycheck, to chase wild trout in some wilder areas instead. Those that really know me well know how low my tolerance for picnics can be when I would much rather be standing in a cold stream. A few streams were on the bucket list for the day, and in usual fashion my favorite cane rod, my camera and tripod went along on an 8.2 mile long hike in the Poconos. It seemed like a perfectly sensible plan for a 90 degree day. Somedays things just come together in a remarkable way; and in the end, one of the most spectacularly colored Pennsylvania brook trout I’ve ever held in a very remote place tucked back in the mountains. On a long drive home that night there were fireworks shows in towns here and there along the highway, but none of those displays matched the color, vibrance or beauty of that brookie. Somedays paying the dues pays off. Till next week ……… #ItsAboutTheFish #PAWild


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