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The Best Things ....

I’ve always felt that some of the best and most meaningful things we can all hope to find in a life are one great love, one good dog and a few true friends. I’m fortunate to have had all of those at one time or another. True friends are a very special thing to have, and when they also fly fish it sets the stage for some great times and a lot of memories. It had been more than a year since I saw the friend I call “G3”. Life, work and time just always seem to get in the way of getting together and fishing. We managed to fix that last Friday as G3, Eric and I took the boat for a ride on the quiet Pennsylvania river the Iroquois called “Onayutta”. We spent the day doing what three good friends do; catching up on life, give each other shit, laughing hard and catching a lot of smallmouth bass. The river treated us well, an eagle soared high over-head and the egrets worked the shallows along the far bank. The day ended with a spectacular sunset and we sat there quietly for a few minutes watching the colors glow and fade before taking the boat out. Yep, those kinds of friends are one of the best things in a life …. I hope we don’t wait too long to do it again. This weeks pic is Gavin "G3" Robinson doing what he does. Till next week …….


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