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The Candy Store ...

I shutdown the candy store a little over a year ago and stopped taking fly orders mostly because I was overwhelmed with with tying work. The volume at times was beyond my wildest dreams but more importantly beyond my ability to keep up. I didn't want customers waiting long amounts of time for flies and didn't want to compromise my reputation. I considered hiring another tyer or two but quickly dismissed that thought. I am considering jumping back in the game, but will most likely do it with some limits in place like not taking new work after the end of February or March. I've spent the past few years working on another book project and need time to complete that project, there is also a major supply chain issue with quality CDC feathers which are a key component in most of my "Signature Flies". Stayed tuned for more details. Pictured this week in my stock box of DNA Spinners which is still pretty thin, but starting to fill up with trout candy. Until next time ....


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