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The Simple Things ……

There’s an old axiom that says some of the best things in life are the simplest of things; and at times that turns out to also be true in fly fishing, and more specifically in the design of flies. I’ve always enjoyed the game of designing intricate flies that imitate something found in nature and testing those pattern designs over difficult, rising fish. There’s a sweet satisfaction when it all comes together, and a great feeling when you break down your rod at the end of the day. I spent years testing different materials and tying approaches to design the perfect adult caddis imitation. The fly needed to sit tight in the film like the natural, float well, be durable and needed to have an element of movement or be able to be moved. The resulting fly turned out to be a very simple bullet head style fly with a CDC wing. I go into a lot of detail about the design theory behind this remarkable and very simple fly in my book “Matching Major Eastern Hatches, New Patterns for Selective Trout”. If you don’t tie your own, check out the offerings on my website and however you play it, be sure to “Tie One On”. Till next week ……. #trouthunter #regalvise #unithread #naturesspirit


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