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Traditions ..... An Introduction

Anyone who knows me well or has attended one of my presentations of “A Walk on the Wild Side, Fly Fishing Pennsylvania’s Headwater Streams” understands my love of wild trout and the streams they inhabit. The purpose of that presentation is more than just sharing what I do and enjoy or just presenting another “how to” program, but more so to provoke some level of thought and ask people to view the headwater streams and their wild inhabitants with the respect and value they deserve. It’s my chance to tell their story. Beyond the entertainment aspect I see an opportunity to affect a change. A change in attitudes, a change in awareness to protect and ultimately a chance to influence management philosophy. I like to think of it as “man vs. wild” because that’s exactly what has taken place over the years with fisheries management here in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. The resource is managed for man’s recreational value first, and to a lesser degree for the value of wild trout. Fortunately that story is beginning to change here in my home state. The story line of “Traditions” will be a series of short essays about a personal perspective on wild trout, trout fisherman, and fisheries management. Remember that I use the phrase “personal perspective” in this narrative. I know that as I write this there is a chance of touching a few nerves, a chance of stirring some solid debate, a possibility of just pissing some people off and a chance of losing a few “friends”. My goal is to challenge anglers to think differently about themselves, the fish we pursue and the sport that we love. Pennsylvania is a state that with an great history of angling traditions and a state with awesome potential. Stay tuned …… #ItsAboutTheFish


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