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Tuesday Tease ...

   I made a casual comment earlier this year about the future direction of A few years ago, I found myself with a backlog of fly orders that was overwhelming. It took all my time. All of my time to try to get ahead. I couldn’t do it. I decided to shut that part of my life down for a while and do other things like fish, write and breathe a little more. The road of life isn’t always linear between any two points, and a left turn here and there is really not a bad detour to take in life. I’m taking a bit of a left turn in 2024 and will be launching something a little different. Something unique, something that is another dimension of my life, and something some of you might enjoy. Look forward to seeing more than just a tease about this endeavor at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show later this month. I’m looking forward to taking a different ride for a change. In the words of Neil Young “Got fuel to burn, got roads to drive”. Till next time … Keep on rocking in the free world...


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