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Today’s flavor is Hendricksons. There’s a steady drip from the roof eaves as the snow melts and the forest floor outside my window is still heavily cloaked in winter. A closer look and you can see a faint hue of red in the maple trees from the tiny buds that hold springs leaves tucked tightly inside. Under the stream stones, the different larval forms are beginning to sense the upcoming change in the season and are becoming restless as their day approaches. It won’t be long now. I would never want to live in a part of the world that doesn’t experience the changes of season, and the hopeful optimism that comes with anticipating the next part of that timeless cycle. Likewise, I wouldn’t want to live in a place that is absent of cold flowing waters, hatches of flies and brightly speckled fish rising to meet them. Until the spring season of awakening arrives, I’ll remain content to busy myself with the business of tying Hendricksons and looking forward to standing in a stream; listening to the music played by its currents and tying one on. Till next time ….. #trouthunter CDC #Daichihooks #naturesspirit #regalvise


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