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Tying One .....

I taught a fly tying class yesterday with the Anglers Club of Philadelphia at the TCO Fly Shop in Haverford, Pennsylvania. This a very fun group of people and it’s always a treat to get together with them. A big thank you to Mike Lastowski for the invitation to teach the class. One of the patterns we tied was my Soft Hackle Quill Gordon Emerger, which is a “flymph” type pattern I designed in the tradition of the great Jim Leisenring and G.E.M. Skues. It’s a very simple pattern that is very effective fished dead drift, as a dropper or on the swing. I also tie a variation of this pattern with a very sparse dun CDC wing tied low over the body of the fly.

Hook: Daiichi #1560, size #14

Thread: Rusty Dun 8/0 Uni-Thread

Tails: 3 to 4 wood duck flank fibers

Abdomen: Wild Turkey biot dyed “Summer Duck”

Thorax: sparse hare’s mask dubbing

Hackle: folded medium dun hen hackle (sparse – 1 ½ to 2 turns)

Spring will be here before you know it. If you fish in the eastern U.S. be sure to tie up a few of these and tie one on …… #daiichihooks #unithread #naturesspirit #regalvise


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